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Eighteen or 5000 friends on Facebook? The world's most popular blog or did you just realize that internet is here to stay? It doesn’t matter. Everyone can earn money with us!

New market

We are opening up the affiliate market for the public. Now it’s possible for everyone to become an affiliate in iGaming and get their fair share of what the market has to offer.

Highest commission

We are exclusivly working with highly regarded advertisers that offers a great product and who are willing to pay a high commission for new paying customers.

Created for you - It’s free and up for grabs.

We like the easy way, appreciate the innovative one, but above all we have a high passion for the combination on them both. Our platform is built for our affiliates and is so easy to use that it doesn’t matter if you are an experienced marketing guru or just found out that internet is actually a really cool place to hang out on.

Why Hello Commission?



Easy to use


Time efficient


How it works

Two ways to make money. Try both or choose your favorite.

1. Get your link

Choose a partner to promote in the panel and get your own unique link. You can choose one or several partners to advertise at the same time.

2. Share your link

Spread the link everywhere you can. It’s only your imagination that stops you. Social media, blogs, letter, adds or whatever you can come up with!

3. Get paid

You earn commission when a visitor clicks on your link and become a new paying customer on the partners site that you choose to work with.

1. Innovative add formats

Add a short line of code to your homepage or install our plugin and start enjoying passive income! Psst, it only takes 2 minutes.

2. Emails

The add collects an email adress from your visitors. We send all the newsletters so you can lend back and relax.

3. Earn commission

You receive commission when any of your subscribers click on your link in our newsletter and becomes a new paying customer at any of our partners.

We love data

You can easy follow your statistics and development in the panel. How many clicks you’ve had and how many email addresses you have collected. Obviously, you can also find out how much commission you have earned.


The payment is made automatically in the end of each month. Tax and employer contributions can be handled by us and you can find you salary specification in your panel. Everything is handled so you don’t have to spend time on paperwork.


The panel is filled with guidelines and videos which shows you what to do. Soon we will be launching a series of articles with great tips about how you can increase your earnings.


Feel free to compare us with others

Just don’t take our word for it. Check what others are offering before you sign up.

0 Alt nr 1

9% commission ones.

0 Alt nr 2

4% commission ones.

0 Hello Commission

Up to 35% each month!

0 Alt nr 3

7% commission ones.

0 Alt nr 4

8% commission ones.

Questions? We have answers!

Frequently asked questions

How much can I earn?

There’s no upper limit on how much you can earn, and that’s how we think it should be. How much you’ll be able to earn is hard to calculate, since it’s depends on who uses your link to sign up, how many they are and what offers you promote.

Is if free to become a member?

Becoming a member is free of charge and we have no hidden costs.

Who are the partners that you work with?

Our partners are companies working within the iGaming sector (Casino, sportsbetting and poker etc) that needs help to promote their brands to new customers.

Can I buy add space to promote a partner?

You are allowed to use bought adds to promote your links. Just make sure that you are allowed to promote iGaming since most add networks don’t allow gaming related commercial.

How old do I have to be?

You have to be minimum 18 years of age to create and use an account on Hello Commission. When creating an account on Hello Commission you confirm that you are minimum 18 years old.


You can find more questions and answers in your panel. If you can’t find what you are looking for, feel free to contact us on either email or phone.


About us

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